What's Your Dream?
What's Your Dream?
Turning Challenges into Triumphs with Mike Hagerty

🌟 Welcome to “What’s Your Dream?” – The Podcast 🌟 Join Tricia and special guest, Mike, in an exploration of life’s journey, from owning challenges to finding inspiration in unexpected places. Mike Hagerty, Health and Performance Coach A dedicated health and life performance coach committed to guiding individuals and organizations towards personal and professional growth through transformative healthy lifestyle choices. Drawing upon his background as a former teacher and coach, he leverages his expertise to inspire positive change in the lives of others. With the honor of being inducted into seven sports and athletic halls of fame, his passion for excellence extends beyond coaching, reflecting a lifelong commitment to fostering success and well-being.

Introduction to Mike’s Journey 00:00:00

The AOC Philosophy 00:03:15

Daily Practices for Success 00:10:45

Motivations and Reflections 00:18:30

The Importance of Self-Reflection 00:26:10

Overcoming Obstacles 00:30:31

Setting and Achieving Dreams 00:31:37

The Power of a Great Start 00:33:27

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