What's Your Dream?
What's Your Dream?
A Journey to Wellness, Motherhood, and Entrepreneurship with Casey Haase

🌟 Welcome to “What’s Your Dream?” – The Podcast 🌟 In this episode, Tricia Keightley sits down with the dynamic Casey Haase, owner of Beyond Fitness. Join them as they dive into Casey’s journey, exploring her evolving dreams, life lessons, and the transformative power of fitness and wellness. πŸŽ™οΈβœ¨

Our guest, Casey Haase’s fitness journey started in operations, fostering a love for helping people. After gaining insights from prominent gyms, she dreamt of owning her own. Balancing motherhood with the arrival of her first son, the birth of the second fueled her entrepreneurial spirit. This led to Beyond Fitness, her small gym dream.

Casey’s mission is clear – inspire individuals to see movement and wellness as a lifelong commitment, not a short-term fix. Beyond Fitness embraces a holistic approach, celebrating every step in the journey. Their mantra: wellness is a lasting investment in oneself, not a fleeting goal.

Introduction 00:00:00

Casey’s Evolving Dreams 00:01:02

Gratitude and Joy 00:03:35

Setting Goals and Achieving Them 00:04:03

Life Lessons 00:07:46

Inspiration and Motivation 00:11:01

Legacy and Compassion 00:13:36

Daily Actions Toward Dreams 00:14:26

Favorite Workouts 00:15:16

Fitness and Personal Development 00:17:08

Beyond Fitness Concept 00:21:00

Closing Thoughts 00:23:52

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