What's Your Dream?
What's Your Dream?
Navigating Time Freedom, Legacy, and Authentic Living with Amber Monaco

🌟 Welcome to “What’s Your Dream?” – The Podcast 🌟

Join Tricia Keightley and her friend, Amber Monaco, in a candid conversation about dreams, time freedom, and embracing life. Amber, a successful business owner and sustainability advocate, shares her unique perspectives on legacy and making a meaningful impact. Dive into their authentic dialogue about saying “no,” managing time, and the pursuit of the best version of oneself. This episode is a heartfelt exploration of friendship, diverse viewpoints, and the journey towards a fulfilling life. Subscribe for more engaging conversations and insights.

Amber, a dynamic individual, wears multiple hatsβ€”scuba diver, avid traveler, certified paralegal, and Navy veteran. As the second of seven siblings, she embraces her unique family dynamic. Amber’s diverse journey includes a six-year Navy stint, where she lived in Italy and Washington DC. Passionate about coworking spaces and a certified life coach, Amber is also an advocate for sustainability through her hobby farm. She embraced the digital nomad lifestyle for two years, leading to her book deal about the experience. Stay tuned for her upcoming book and follow her adventures on DirtySkirtFarm.com.

Introduction 00:00:00

Time Freedom and Unpacking Expectations 00:00:42

Gratitude and Joy 00:03:21

Dream Home and Scuba Diving 00:08:11

Significant Life Lessons 00:11:53

Relationship Dynamics 00:18:08

Inspiration Amidst Challenges 00:20:47

Legacy and Leaving a Mark 00:24:58

Saying NO 00:28:40

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