What's Your Dream?
What's Your Dream?
Unveiling Holistic Wellness: A Journey with Rachel from Mantra Wellness Center

🌟 Welcome to “What’s Your Dream?” – The Podcast 🌟

Join us for an empowering episode as we dive into the world of holistic wellness with Rachel, owner of Mantra Wellness Center. Rachel shares her journey, insights, and daily practices that keep her grounded and thriving. Discover the magic of self-care, spiritual practices, and the importance of filling your cup first. Tune in for a dose of inspiration and practical tips to enhance your overall well-being.

Rachel, a former physical education and health teacher turned Stress Relief and Alignment Guide, Yoga Instructor, Best-Selling Author, Tao Hands Practitioner, and Podcast Host. Yoga, her healing refuge for the past 18 years, reconnected her with her body after overcoming trauma. Now, she guides others to rediscover their body’s intelligence and breath. Beyond her holistic roles, Rachel advocates for nature’s healing power, indulging in outdoor activities. Subscribe for insightful conversations with Rachel and other inspiring guests on holistic well-being. Stay tuned, hit the notification bell, and join the transformative journey! 🌿🌟

Introduction (00:00)

Rachel’s Journey to Holistic Wellness (02:15)

Founding Mantra Wellness Center (08:45)

Overview of Offerings at Mantra (12:30)

The Power of Spiritual Practices (17:50)

Self-Care as a Foundation (21:10)

Rachel’s Daily Holistic Wellness Practices (24:30)

The Transformative Experience of the Biomat (27:40)

Connecting Mind, Body, and Spirit (31:15)

Practical Tips for Holistic Well-Being (35:20)

Closing Thoughts and Gratitude (39:05)

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