Awakening is a process of recognizing your true self and being aware of the outer world and not letting it affect your inner peace. We had a session on what the awakening meant and these are some of the take aways. The participants were asked to rate their feelings about various aspects on the Wheel of Life and discuss what shifts need to happen. Most of the participants rated how they were satisfied with their relationships, soulmates, nutrition and parenting but did not perform well in the areas of contributions, dreams and money. This led to an important discussion on how these aspects can vary at different points in our lives and how we need to find a way to bring every aspect on the Wheel of Life to be in harmony with each other. This does not mean that they will be in balance maybe ever, but we do need to keep our focus on the ones that we aren’t feeling amazing about while not letting the good ones fall off of our radar. Tricia’s version of Awakening is not merely a realization of the inner self but to learn how to remain unaffected by the negativity around us. She believes it is important to become your true self so that you do not judge others or let other people affect your emotions. We all came to this earth to serve a purpose and one of the paths to find the true purpose of life is through the process of Awakening. Tricia’s method of Awakening consists of seven stages:

Stage One: Quiet the Mind
It is important to turn down all the noise in your mind and embrace silence. Silence introduces us to ourselves. It has the power to console, heal, comfort, clean and give courage to you. And an important way to achieve the power of silence is through meditation.

Stage Two: Be Present in the Now
The present moment is all that is promised. It is important to appreciate the perfection of the present moment, embrace it and celebrate it. The past is gone and one should stop looking back to the past for answers. In the same way, no one knows what will happen in the future. The fearful predictions of the future can be crippling. It is only in the present that we exist, and it is only the present we should live thrive.

Stage Three: Conscious Awareness
One should know that God gave you everything you need to be truly wealthy and abundant in all aspects of life. All you have to do is to reach inward and embrace it. It is essential to unpack our trauma and limiting beliefs to reach our true self.

Stage Four: Limiting Beliefs and Trauma
It is similar to saying that every action has a reaction. When one believes that he/she is not enough and for every limiting belief there is an equal trauma. It is important to look for your limiting beliefs and deal with the trauma that caused them. You need to identify how those limiting beliefs affect your decisions about your life, people, and yourself during those traumatic events, and how those beliefs entrenched themselves in your subconscious and still affect your current life. Tricia believes that one the best way to deal with limiting beliefs is to write down the traumatic events, analyze them and try to resolve them by creating new declarations about who you truly are.

Stage Five: Focus On What You Do Want
It is important to focus on what you do not want and start focusing on what you want. The belief that what you desire is already yours plays an important part in the actualization of your desire. If you want money and believe that you can have it then you will have it.

Stage Six: Growth
Every circumstance in life is a learning lesson. Every time you face a problem, ask yourself “ What is the lesson I will learn out of this situation?” You can have relationship or money issues but you do not have to panic. Learn to find the lessons and embrace them. It is only through perseverance that you will grow.

Stage Seven: Discipline
You need to create habits and daily practices to stay in the zone. The Awakening doesn’t just happen and you can lose it. The key is to do as many ‘good’ practices as you can to stay in the zone. It is okay if you were not able to do something today. You can always start tomorrow. Tricia’s guide to discipline includes
1- Meditation
2- Breathing Exercises
5- Walking outside
6-Working out
7- Listen to a Podcast
8- Have a deep conversation with a loved one
9- Watch what you put in and on your body
10- Organize your house
11-Get rid of old useless things
12- Volunteer
13- Make your bed
14- Get enough sleep

The greatest barrier to loving and cherishing people is the inability to see them in ourselves. Take a closer look. We are all one. Wisdom is to see ourselves in others and others in ourselves. Awakening is not merely a moment of realization. Rather it is a whole process and requires a lot of effort and consistency to sustain it.

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