What's Your Dream?
What's Your Dream?
Exploring the Wilderness Within with Psychedelic Facilitator Corbin Sellers

Join Tricia Keightley and special guest Corbin Sellers on a profound journey of self-discovery and personal growth. Corbin, a Psychedelic Facilitator and Coach, guides listeners through the Wilderness Within. He offers insights on life’s purpose, shame reframing, and the transformative power of his 8 Week Microdosing Protocol, ‘Maces and Microdoses.’ This episode invites you to unlock your limitless potential by embracing growth and dreaming big. Corbin Sellers is a Psychedelic Facilitator and Coach specializing in helping individuals explore the Wilderness Within. Combining somatic and NLP techniques, Corbin supports clients in identifying, reframing, and releasing shame – addressing feelings of being wrong, bad, broken, not enough, or too much. As the creator of the ‘Maces and Microdoses’ 8 Week Microdosing Protocol, Corbin integrates journaling, steel clubs, and maces to guide individuals toward creating a new mental and physical identity.

00:00 – Introduction

02:18 – The Wilderness Within: Exploring life’s purpose

09:45 – Shame reframing through somatic and NLP techniques

15:22 – ‘Maces and Microdoses’: A transformative 8 Week Microdosing Protocol

22:10 – Journaling, steel clubs, and maces for a new identity

28:36 – Diverse life purposes and the power of dreaming

30:28 – Matthew Kelly’s perspective on life purpose

35:17 – Daily actions for moving closer to your dreams

39:26 – The importance of dreaming and envisioning 🎧 Listen to more inspiring stories on “What’s Your Dream?” podcast! Don’t forget to subscribe, like, and share. Let’s thrive together! 🚀✨ 🚀 Connect with Corbin:: Instagram: @letmebe_your_guide

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